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Sixty Seconds

... with Dita Vox of Thee Emergency



Indy: Even on your MySpace page (, you guys sound like you're ready to rip Seattle apart. How do you transfer the energy in your music from a live setting to a studio setting?

DV: For our latest record, we recorded it ourselves in a studio our drummer built. We really enjoy what we are doing, and we love the songs we play.

Indy: Your music harkens back to classic rock 'n roll bands, but you aren't really retro. Do you ever worry about being labeled as derivative?

DV: When people ask me what we sound like, they want me to say that we sound like the MC5 or The Rolling Stones, or even specific genres, but I tell them that we're just rock 'n roll. We are influenced by those bands and different eras in rock 'n roll, but we've figured out a way to incorporate what we love about those bands and what we've learned from those bands into our own sound. We genuinely try to sound unique and fresh, I think.

Indy: There's a big streak of that muscular '60s R&B in your music. What is it about that music that influences you all as you're playing?

DV: It's great music. Everybody in this band is music lovers, and we steal from everything. [Laughs.] We aren't afraid to learn from all things. We learn from rock 'n roll, country, R&B and punk rock we try to learn from everything.

At the Rocket Room, March 21.

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