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...with Jason Ricci



Indy: Is it us, or does there finally seem to be some momentum among blues and jam-band fans behind Jason Ricci & New Blood and your new Rocket Number 9?

JR: Yeah, we definitely feel momentum, but I'd say it's mostly money. Our record label has been pushing the record harder than ever. It has to do with advertising, distribution, promotion ... that's the honest answer. I'd love to tell you it was us, and the young kids are digging it, but no, it's been the money.

Indy: Still, unlike your debut effort, Blood on the Road, the new disc is gaining a wider audience, which had to be a goal, right?

JR: There's no pretense to it or decision making in the songwriting process of, "Well, we were formally a blues band but in order to reach a larger demographic in the 20 to 30 range, I think it's best that we expand beyond pre-war Chicago blues and move into something a little more into the jam-rock, rock-jam Bonnaroo category." That never took place.

Indy: Wow, you sound just like a record label weasel. OK, now in your best cheesy DJ voice, tell us why your upcoming Cañon City show is the bomb.

JR: Oh man, blood, sweat and tears literally can happen on any given night from the band. There's tons of improvisation, the show is never the same twice and it's completely high-energy. It's an event, and we rock.


At Merlinos' Belvedere in Cañon City, March 14.

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