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...with Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade



Indy: Your band did something really unique before it ever toured. You all recorded an EP and then followed the Warped Tour in 2006, meeting crowds before they entered the venues and selling the EP. How did you come up with the idea?

DS: Honestly, I can't remember where the original idea came from. I know as soon as we started the band we knew we wanted to do that. ... We'd all put the backpacks on and fill our backpacks up with CDs. We each had CD players and headphones and we just walked around, straight up and down the line, and talked to every single person, and [said], "Hey, here's our music. Do you want to check it out?"

Indy: So what effect did this venture have on your career?

DS: Because we started getting a little more recognition and people started to hear us and word got around, that's actually how we ended up getting signed by Fearless [Records] ... It really just gave us a great head start, because we had never even toured or anything. ... our MySpace page jumped up a lot in plays. A lot of people were getting the CD and we were getting our music out there. So it was a really, really good start.

Indy: Mayday Parade was formed when you combined players from two Tallahassee bands, Defining Moment and Kid Named Chicago. Were those bands similar to Mayday Parade's sound?

DS: I think Mayday Parade is pretty much a blend of the two bands that were both. They were both pretty poppy, rock kind of stuff, the same kind of music.

At Denver's Marquis Theater, Feb. 8.

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