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Sixty Seconds

...with Steven Van Zandt



Indy: Do you still create the Garage playlist each week?

SVZ: Oh yeah. I do the song list myself. ... That was the idea of the show, to bring back radio with that kind of personality that we kind of grew up with.

Indy: When I hear the show, I imagine you in near-darkness, stacks of new and old records around you, kind of like a mad scientist.

SVZ: That's pretty accurate.

Indy: Have you always felt a responsibility to know so much about music history?

SVZ: The more you know about it, the more enjoyable it is. As you listen to The Ramones and you realize, "Geez, you know, why did Stevie just play The Ramones after The Ronettes?" Well, it turns out Joey sounds a lot like [Veronica Bennett], and of course, that's where he developed his vocal style ...

Indy: Without access to this kind of rock radio, what does, say, a 16-year-old kid lose?

SVZ: I think it's actually quite significant. ... When you walk into our show a Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band show ... there's a certain electricity in the air. It's an electricity of excitement and a positive energy. We used to feel that everywhere, all the time. Walking around the street. I really miss that. ... All the radios were kind of connecting, like, drawing an imaginary line between all the radios in all the houses and all the cars, and those lines created this net of, like, energy. ... I'm really going to fight to try to bring that back for the next generation of kids, so they can feel that, you know?

Little Steven's Underground Garage airs at 8 p.m. Sundays on KKFM 98.1.

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