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Charlie Cagiao, general manager of Silver Moon Productions Event Center



Indy: How long has the event center been open?

CC: About a month. But Silver Moon Productions has been around since 2005. We couldn't [book events] anywhere without using the World Arena or the City Auditorium, and we wanted to do more intimate shows than that.

Indy: Now you have a male revue coming up, and, with your venue located on East Las Vegas Street, your motto is "What happens on Las Vegas, stays on Las Vegas." Should we expect risqu shows?

CC: Not necessarily. We came up with the motto for fun. I would like to do an erotic masquerade ball. And maybe a Witches Ball.

Indy: So then what kinds of shows will you bring here?

CC: All kinds. Bad Company, Jerry Garcia Band, Johnny Winter, Taj Mahal. We're having a New Year's party with Canned Heat, and we have some teen nights coming up with hip-hop and techno. We're trying to get Katey Sagal from Married with Children. She has a nine-piece jazz blues band, and they're just great. We're also doing a metaphysical show here we're up for a lot of different things.

Indy: Any local acts?

CC: All of our opening bands will be local acts.

Indy: What sets Silver Moon apart from other local venues?

CC: If you go to the City Auditorium it's a nice venue, but if you're not gonna have 2,500 people there, it's an expensive venue. The Pikes Peak Center is pretty much a dress-up event, and here, it's casual. Rock 'n roll and blues were never meant to be high-society.

Visit or call 633-5483 for an event schedule.

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