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Sixty Seconds

with Michael McDonald



Indy: That whole bit involving your Motown DVD in the The 40-Year-Old Virgin? That's really funny stuff. Mountain Dew came out of my nose when I saw it in the movie theater.

MM: Yeah, that was very funny. A friend of mine worked on the film and said the really funny stuff they didn't use because they thought it might be too brutal. But all of that stuff is great for a guy my age, to get any kind of exposure.

Indy: I thought that scene was brutal. Still, somebody bought your Motown albums, so kudos for going platinum in the new millennium.

MM: I think it's more perseverance than anything. You just can't afford to be too out of sight, out of mind.

Indy: Now you're back with a Christmas tour.

MM: We're hoping over the years, it develops beyond myself. Hopefully, it'll be a soapbox for the sensibilities of a lot of people, who I don't think are being [represented] in today's media. In the kind of political environment we live in ... it just seems like it's become taboo to criticize the politics of the day. We need to kind of even the playing field. I look forward to it as being something that is more useful than a Christmas tour, but something that reminds us about what humanity should be about.
At Denver's Paramount Theatre, Dec. 20.

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