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Sixty Seconds

with Billy Duffy, The Cult guitarist



Indy: So after a few years apart, The Cult is back, again. What's the deal with you and singer Ian Astbury?

BD: It's a surprising relationship. I guess most people would have thought we'd be done by now, but we actually get along pretty good. Either we've been very lucky for 20-odd years, or there might be something there.

Indy: There's something there all right. The Cult is one of those bands that is like AC/DC instantly recognizable.

BD: I'm of the opinion that while all of our albums have similarities, they're all quite different sonically. Not many of them have been done close together, so I think they're different, and this [new] one, Born Into This, has its own story to tell. We haven't tried to experiment with glockenspiels and recording whales underwater.

Indy: What's up with The Cult headlining the Jagermeister tour? Isn't that gig usually for more metal-y, aggro bands?

BD: It's basically a Cult tour in partnership with Jager. We're pushing the beverage and they're pushing the band. I think the Jager tour is trying to change, and perhaps they're using The Cult as a vehicle to cross over.

Indy: Nice. Good for The Cult.

BD: This was obviously a great financial opportunity for The Cult. It's a different world we live in. So if Bob Dylan can sell Cadillacs, I don't have a problem doing the Jager tour.

At Denver's Fillmore Auditorium, Dec. 3.

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