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with Ben Lee, Australian singer-songwriter



Indy: Your previous albums have been pretty much homemade. Your new CD, Ripe, was done in a professional studio with a high-profile producer and guest musicians. Why?

BL: Once I had decided on [producer] John Alagia, that was a very important missing link of the collaboration. Then it was a matter of choosing a way to record it that was exciting. I was happy to work in a place he was comfortable with. And I loved it.

Indy: Do you feel the approach resulted in a bigger, slicker record than, for instance, your 2005 release, Awake is the New Sleep?

BL: Awake was much more tinkered with. It's like, technologically, it was much more edited. Actually, Ripe is basically people standing in a room playing. I do think that the songs are like a bit more traditional, probably in a sense, and the musicians are better musicians and the songs are bigger. But, actually it's weird it's kind of a more organic record.

Indy: You wrote some 80 songs before recording Ripe. How did you choose 12?

BL: I think it was a sense that they were all pop songs. That was a really conscious thing. I picked the 12 catchiest songs in a sense. But then, I do think, like thematically, they all deal with this idea of, like, readiness. There's a moment coming, whether it's a romantic moment or a spiritual moment or a sexual moment. The moment is now.

At Denver's Marquis Theater, Nov. 10.

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