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... with Rebecca RiotBecki Stephens, singer of The Pipettes



Indy: What's going on in the U.K.? Acts like Amy Winehouse and now you guys are combining a Phil Spector-inspired '60s sound with a New Wave sensibility and creating a new-millennium pop vibe. Where's that coming from?

RS: I haven't got a clue, but there is a bit of resurgence, I think, in England with the British music scene. People have been listening to the same kind of indie guitar boys for so long, that it's a bit refreshing to have something with a bit more soul and a bit more intrigue.

Indy: Similar to the '90s Riot Grrrl scene, which seemingly empowered female listeners, your [new release, We Are the Pipettes] is doing the same with in-your-face lyrics which are either honest or really cruel.

RS: Honest, I think. I wouldn't say any of our lyrics were cruel. I'd say they were tongue-in-cheek and need to be taken with a pinch of salt. I'd say they were empowering to both men and women.

Indy: It appears as though no matter how appealing The Pipettes may be, there is a hint of novelty attached to the group that does ape the sounds of The Ronettes, The Shirelles and The Supremes.

RS: I don't necessarily see us as a novelty band, but at the same time, there is nothing wrong with novelty bands. There have been a lot of novelty bands that have been hugely successful.

At Denver's Walnut Room, Nov. 5.

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