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Paolo Nutini
  • Paolo Nutini

Indy: You were a young boy when you got interested in music. What did it for you?

PN: My grandfather loved singing. He's passed away now, but he loved singing; he would sing these arias. My father's father, he loved opera music. And he also loved folk, very traditional folk. Every Sunday, the monsignor from the church would come over and he'd play boogie-woogie piano, and I'd call him the boogie-woogie priest. I'd be there at 4 or 5 years old, dancing around, playing along, banging a little drum and stuff.

Indy: You've been praised for your singing voice and how its sandy tone suits the soulful quality of a number of your songs. I've read that you say your voice used to be pretty clean and clear. What happened?

PN: I think it's just gotten a little bit of wear and tear just now, and that's what gives it that sort of a little bit more gravelly feel. I think a lot of it's to do, somehow, with abuse.

Indy: You went gold in England in two weeks. Especially in Europe, a lot of attention has been paid to your looks. You try to accept the compliments, but do you like being marketed as a sex symbol?

PN: There is quite a big deal made of the aesthetics in the way I look. And really, I've seen promotion shots where I've been airbrushed so much I don't even look like that. I look like a ghost, man. I look like I'm 5 years old ... And I hate that, because everybody that sees that, then they aren't even going to bother listening to [the CD].

At Denver's Paramount Theatre, Oct. 18.

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