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Ed Kowalczyk
  • Ed Kowalczyk

Indy: Your latest CD, Songs from Black Mountain, marks a new era in that it follows your departure from Radioactive/MCA Records after seven albums. But musically, we also sense a new beginning. What's your perspective?

EK: There is a new sort of depth to the band definitely to the music that I sense. It's sort of 100 percent uplifting now, but it's an authentic kind of uplifting. It's not that the record doesn't have some deep, dark elements to it ... it's just with these songs like "The River" and "Mystery," which I think are new moments for the band in some way, I think they signal a kind of change in the atmosphere of the band.

Indy: Your lyrics have been called deep and cerebral. The new songs seem more emotionally driven. Has your lyrical approach shifted?

EK: In terms of my own understanding of these kinds of things, it was mostly a mental [process] early on and it has become more of a spiritual, heart [-driven] one maybe these last four or five years. It's just been a process of getting both, the yin and the yang, getting both through the fact that you want to express these big ideas, but at the same time, you don't want to make them dry, either.

Indy: Your band had huge success early in its career with the Throwing Copper CD. Since then, your album sales have fallen steadily and your recent CDs have come nowhere close to platinum. How do you look at the change of fortunes for Live?

EK: I guess it's just the ups and downs of the music business, the ins and outs. We're in a new moment. I don't really sit around and think about it too much.

At Denver's Fillmore Auditorium, Oct. 7.

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