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with Slash of Velvet Revolver guitarist


Indy: The new CD, Libertad, had a difficult road to completion, stalling out after you started it with producer Rick Rubin. Eventually you got Brendan O'Brien to produce. What went on there?

Slash: Rick's just got so many projects he's working on all at the same time, and he's very rarely there [in the studio]. We needed somebody that was hands-on, who was there 24-7, like the band was. I understand where Rick's coming from and how he's working, but I think it was just too slow-paced for us. So, at one point, we decided to move on, and it just so happened that Brendan was available and he was really into it. His whole style, his whole manner of working was really, really perfect for how this band wanted it.

Indy: How does Libertad show musical growth for Velvet Revolver?

Slash: I think, when we did the first record, we put something together pretty quickly. We were real excited that we'd finally come together. I don't think we tapped into everybody's individual musical possibilities. But then, by the time we got into recording Libertad, we all had sort of been able to come to the forefront with what was the band, and what the individuals in the band were capable of, and getting closer to that. I don't think we've totally peaked in that sense, but we definitely tapped into that a bit further than we did on the last record. I think that's where it shows some signs of evolution, and that's what's so cool about it.

Indy: How is singer Scott Weiland [who has a history of drug problems] doing these days?

Slash: Scott's doing great.
Alan Sculley At Denver's Coors Amphitheatre, Sept. 24.

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