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...with Mike Carden of The Academy Is



Indy: You and singer William Beckett wrote the first album, Almost Here. Your latest CD, Santi, was written by the entire band. Does that account for the greater musical diversity of Santi?

MC: In some ways, Almost Here is a bit more of a concise record in the sense that there were two writers and we could only do what we did. [With Santi], it's kind of a whole mentality of five brains are better than two. I guess each song on Santi has its own little pocket.

Indy: Things apparently became especially tough for William while all of you were living in an apartment, writing, rehearsing and getting ready to record. He moved out and got a hotel room. Did he just need to get some space?

MC: It's kind of like coming home and someone asking you a bunch of questions about your wife or whomever. You're kind of like, "I don't want to answer anything. Just let me be. I've got to figure out a few things," that kind of thing. I think that's what happened, in a nutshell. That happens to everyone, where they just want to be kind of not asked too much about anything for a second.

Indy: Well, Santi obviously turned out to be a fine album. It diversifies the pop-rock sound of the first release. How do the new songs work live?

MC: That record was made where all of us were playing in a room together live. So I think Santi, in general, just transfers very well live because of the way it was recorded.

At Englewood's Gothic Theatre, Sept. 11.

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