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Sixty Seconds

... with Joe King of The Fray



Indy: You're headlining an amphitheatre this summer. Did you ever expect to go so far, so soon?

JK: All I wanted for The Fray, for this first record or at least my expectations or my hopes were, you know, to sell a couple hundred thousand records, build a good, solid fan base so we could tour and support ourselves a little bit, and then go into the second record and hopefully it will break big and go worldwide or something. And it all came at once.

Indy: You get lots of comparisons to Coldplay. Is that fair to your band?

JK: Honestly, those comparisons ... we have a piano, we have some [mellow] stuff in our music and it's more emotive music, so yeah, it's in the ballpark. But I think the fans have figured it out over time that The Fray is not a copycat band or trying to [follow] that sound.

Indy: You plan to begin recording the second album this fall or winter. Are you playing any of the new songs now?

JK: Pretty much every night, we're going to be playing new tunes that we're working on for the next record. It's good for us because it keeps [the live set] fresh for us.

Sold out at Morrison's Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Aug. 4-6.

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