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Sixty Seconds

... with Taylor Locke of Rooney


Indy: You guys took three separate stabs at recording Calling the World, which was just released earlier this week. What happened?

TL: We kind of just didn't want to blow it. We didn't want to have a sophomore slump. It wasn't that the other [two] records [we recorded] weren't good. It's that this is really the right kind of record for us to make.

Indy: Critics tend to credit your debut album's success to the fact that an entire episode of The O.C. was based around attending a Rooney concert. What was that experience like?

TL: It was a brand-new show and we didn't know if it was going to be popular or cool or a piece of crap ... We read the script, and it was like "Blah blah blah, Rooney, blah blah blah, Rooney," and we said, "OK, these guys are throwing us such a huge bone here; we're not going to turn this down."

Indy: So what happened in-between now and then?

TL: We kind of got too big for our britches too fast. We were trying to act like we were really seasoned and we knew exactly what we needed to do ... We just needed to start working on new songs and finding the right producer and doing exactly what we want to do. And [once we did that], that ended up being the record that the label really responded to and the one that's put out.

Pete Freedman

At The Black Sheep, July 21.

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