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Sixty Seconds

... with Marc Roberge of O.A.R.



Indy: Your new DVD/CD, Live from Madison Square Garden, comes from a single show. Were you nervous, knowing you had only one shot?

MR: We didn't have a backup plan, only because we were so, I guess, confident. I wasn't even nervous about it. I just thought everyone was working so hard. I mean, you've got the band guys, and then you've got like 50 other people. The director, Sam Erickson, is a pro.

Indy: Your most recent studio CD, Stories of a Stranger, was meant to show you could write structured, radio-friendly songs.

You didn't, though, get a hit with the single "Love and Memories." How do you look back on that album?

MR: I'm proud of it. I'm totally cool with it. To be honest, I'm kind of happy that "Love and Memories" didn't reach the entire mass audience, because then we would be defined by that sound, and I don't think in retrospect that that's our sound.

Indy: So will your next CD return to the more wide-ranging folk and reggae/island-inflected pop sound of the early records?

MR: I just really love that (island groove) sound ... so yeah, it's going to be infused a lot more on this [next] record. And then there's going to be that country and folky story-telling aspect of it that's going to come back again. It's really going to be like our first record on steroids.

Alan Sculley

At Morrison's Red Rocks Amphitheatre, July 14.

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