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Abe Cunningham, Deftones drummer



Indy: I've read that the band nearly broke up while making Saturday Night Wrist. True?

AC: That was just a topic I never, ever wanted to even delve into or acknowledge for all these years. There have been troubles in the past, too, and that's natural. But this is the time where I actually woke up one day, woke up and just accepted that [it was over].

Indy: Before singer Chino Moreno recorded vocals, he went on tour with his side band, Team Sleep. Was that time away from Deftones part of the solution for Chino?

AC: Looking back on it now, it was totally what he needed. He needed to step away. He needed to come back and be refreshed and see what it was like to do it with other people and also come back and feel what we had was important and special.

Indy: Saturday Night Wrist is being compared a lot to your third CD, White Pony, largely because of the variety that both albums have. Is it a valid comparison?

AC: It's definitely a White Pony-ish record. I don't want to say it's White Pony II. It's complete to me. It feels like it starts right and ends right and everything in the middle fell into place right.

At Denver's Fillmore Auditorium, Friday, June 22.

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