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Sixty Seconds

with John Mayer



Indy: A gazillion Grammy Awards, a gazillion multi-platinum albums sold, critical success, and you have your picture taken holding Jessica Simpson's hand? Damn, your world is perfect.

JM: I'll have to remember that when I'm getting my face kicked in by life.

Indy: Thanks for meeting me halfway. What's it like to be called a "guitar god" by Rolling Stone?

JM: It brings more anxiety than pleasure. Don't get me wrong, it's like a little mathematical equation: the great statement divided by who is saying it, equals what you should take out of it. And Rolling Stone saying the next "guitar god" is a hell of a lot more meaningful to me than, say, Philip Morris.

Indy: While we're on the subject of blowing smoke, what's this we hear about you occasionally dabbling in stand-up comedy?

JM: I still write all of the time, and I'm glad it has gotten less of a shock. If it was spoken word, everybody would be like, 'Oh, we get it, go do it.' And for me, there is something about comedy that's like spoken word to me, and the great comedians are like great musicians. I'm always writing comedy ... I'd love to do a one-camera comedy.

John Benson

At Morrison's Red Rocks Amphitheatre, June 15 and 16.

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