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...with Elizabeth Powell of Land of Talk

Land of Talk
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Indy: After a decade of relative obscurity in Montreal, it seems as though your band took the anti-Arcade Fire route to gain notoriety.

EP: What we do is like a power trio, like Nirvana. People still maybe comment that we are the antithesis of the Montreal sound because there aren't 12 of us running around on stage with harps and timpani. They almost try to make it seem like we're trying to make that a point, but we're not. We don't have enough money to take 10 people on the road, and I don't get along with that many people, so three is perfect.

Indy: That said, what's your opinion of Neon Bible?

EP: I haven't heard it, but they're all friends of mine. They're pretty fucking hardcore musicians, so I'm assuming it's probably a mind blow. But that's probably overshadowed by all of the hype the expect-tach and all of the scenesters are like, "It's no Funeral, man."

Indy: Your bio says Land of Talk sounds like Blondie-meets-Crazy Horse. What's that all about?

EP: If I wasn't a girl, we'd be compared more to Fugazi-meets-Crazy Horse. It's such a weak comparison because I guess there aren't that many talented women in music. I've since changed it to Stevie Nicks-meets-Crazy Horse.

Indy: Well-played.

John Benson

At Denver's Larimer Lounge, June 5.

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