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Sixty Seconds

... with Chase Noles of The Heart Attacks



Indy: Your second CD, Hellbound & Heartless, sounds pretty live. How close does the album come to capturing your live sound?

CN: If anything, if you see us live, it's going to sound twice as good because we've been playing [the songs] even longer now. That album is raw as hell, but in the live [setting], it's probably tighter than the damn album.

Indy: Your band got its big break when you met Rancid's Tim Armstrong on the Warped Tour a couple of years ago, and he signed you to his label, Hellcat. Did you lobby for that?

CN: That was a huge surprise ... when I heard that, I thought they were lying: "There's no way Tim Armstrong will let us on his label." That was some uplifting shit. That was like the light at the end of the damn tunnel.

Indy: You guys are known for being wild, for playing punky "scuzz rock" music, and for getting into trouble on occasion. Do you take much of anything too seriously?

CN: We're not serious about life in general. As far as politics or things that we have to get done as a grown-up or whatever, I don't think about none of that shit. I mean, I'm serious about playing music, I guess, and having a good time and partying and trying to look as best I can, no matter how scuzzy or dirty I am. But that's as far as that would go.

At The Black Sheep, May 25.

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