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with turntablist Rob Swift



Indy: Tell us about your new DVD documentary, As the Tables Turn.

RS: It's about how I got started, and the people who helped mentor me. But I think the more interesting part is about the success I had with [renowned turntablist collective] The X-Ecutioners. We accomplished a lot, but in doing so, we had a lot of adversity and stress to maintain that success. The success ended up being the downfall of the group, really.

Indy: You've focused a lot on jazz and Latin rhythms, as well as 1950s and '60s soul.

RS: I grew up with my father, who DJed Spanish music, so from an early age I was exposed to a lot of different kinds of music. My brother introduced me to jazz. DJs basically created hip-hop out of other forms of music; what's hip-hop now isn't really what hip-hop was then. I grew up with a mentality that hip-hop could be anything.

Indy: How do you keep people interested in turntablism?

RS: You incorporate the new technology with what you do on the turntables. What we do is so interesting to look at ... When you see someone with two turntables, manipulating records that aren't meant to be manipulated there's no denying that's impressive to watch.

The new documentary about Rob Swift, called As the Tables Turn, was released April 10.

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