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Sixty Seconds

with Jay Farrar of Son Volt



Indy: When you made your 2005 CD, you had just formed the new lineup of Son Volt. How did being a band for a couple of years make doing The Search a different experience?

JF: Certainly, I think what is reflected on this record is the coalescence of the band and the fact that we spent a lot of time together and got to know each other, both personally and musically better than we had on the first record.

Indy: The most obvious difference with The Search is that you've expanded the instrumentation beyond Son Volt's usual guitar sound. You have horns and keyboards, and play piano.

JF: I think it was essentially just a reaction to what I had done on the previous record. It just seemed understood that one should be more of a guitar-oriented record ... I was getting back to playing electric guitar, and that was the way it turned out. This time around, it seemed a natural way to go was to expand.

Indy: You actually had 22 songs for The Search. Was there any thought of doing a double CD?

JF: I was prepared to do that, but it met with some resistance from the label. It was going to be stronger to have just a single, more 12- to 14-song release.

At Boulder's Fox Theatre, April 7.

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