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Sixty Seconds

with Stanton Moore, drummer for The Stanton Moore Trio


Indy: You were able to record this last album, III, in New Orleans' Preservation Hall. What's it like recording in such a historic building from your hometown, as opposed to a traditional studio?

SM: It's got a killer vibe in there, and the sound is just amazing. With all the history of the building, it's very inspiring to play in there.

Indy: The Trio's sound seems to go from sit-down jazz to danceable funk. Where will your sound evolve from this record?

SM: With this record, I wanted to do more of a roots approach and focus on the more organic sound. In future albums, I'm probably going to go for more layers and loops of myself.

Indy: And how do audiences respond to the live show with the Trio as opposed to, say, your other projects, the funk band Galactic or the metal act Corrosion of Conformity?

SM: People are really digging it. It's very interactive. There's so much sound coming from just three of us. It's exciting for people. And, they can tell that we're creating on the spot. So, we get a very good response.

Indy: I've always wondered: How do you keep your glasses from flying off while you're drumming?

SM: That's actually a really good question sometimes they do come flying off. I'm always having to push them up, which is a pain in the ass ... it's not perfected yet.

Steve Kline

At The Black Sheep, Jan. 21.

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