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Sixty Seconds

with Jamie Foxx, singer/actor/comedian



Indy: First off, congrats on Dreamgirls. Did you know it was going to be a hit movie?

JF: Man, Eddie Murphy's back, Jennifer Hudson is absolutely incredible with that song and, I'm telling you, Beyonc Knowles is both beautiful and she shows everybody what the hubbub is about because she is talented. It's one of those dream films.

Indy: And now comes word you're taking your Grammy-nominated platinum album Unpredictable on the road for a music/comedy tour this winter. Why are you just starting to tour now?

JF: Well, I didn't get a chance to go out when the album dropped because we were doing, you know, a couple of movies and things like that, so now it's safe as a window, which is good. It gives us another platform to go find something else another adventure, a tour on a bus with the cats and all those old school things.

Indy: How'd your Ray experience prepare you for the recording of Unpredictable?

JF: It taught me how to excite, how to be quiet with the music, how to be affective and things like that. So it was definitely, definitely a plus so many pluses about being able to play Ray Charles.

Indy: Is there anything you can't do? What's the future look like for Jamie Foxx?

JF: I think it's just more of that same thing, you know. [I'm] fairly young in this business, as far as in entertainment is concerned. When you talk to Quincy Jones, he says, "Look man, it's not a 100-yard dash, it's a marathon," you know?

At Denver's Wells Fargo Theatre at the Colorado Convention Center on Jan. 13.

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