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with Richard Patrick, lead singer for Army of Anyone and Filter



Indy: As far as expectations are concerned, what are your fears regarding Army of Anyone, the Filter-meets-Stone-Temple-Pilots project?

RP: I think that the one thing we'd like to say is, this a band of musicians that are just following our hearts and trying to write the greatest music we can. We didn't want it to sound too grungy or whatever, too 1993.

Indy: Considering Filter is a one-man show, at what point do you decide to give up the throne for a democracy?

RP: When you're doing everything, all of the songs start to sound very similar to each other. So you need a little extra something. And when (brothers Robert and Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots) entered my studio, it was like Christmas. There are millions of ideas floating around in their heads. It was just like, "Wow, this is really easy and wonderful. Let's just do this."

Indy: The album definitely has a familiar quality to it, which makes it instantly accessible to rock radio. Do you think Army of Anyone stands out amongst the Nickelbacks and Hinders?

RP: I think we do. When's the last time you heard a drum solo or a big drum moment in a single? We're really trying to maverick our own existence to this thing. Rock is taking a beating, and it's just so weird to be in a band that's not talking about its bling and how much money we have. It's weird to be in a band where our message is actually hopeful.

John Benson

New album in stores now.

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