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Sixty Seconds

with Brendon Urie, Panic! At The Disco singer


Indy: Last time we spoke, you had a different bassist. Brent Wilson's gone and Jon Walker has taken his place. What happened?

Urie: The reason why [Wilson] was relieved from the band was completely a musical decision, and where we wanted to go with the band. He wasn't willing to progress musically, we felt, in the direction we wanted to go with the band. He wasn't fully committed.

Indy: Your band has gotten some grief for getting a record deal before you ever played a live show. Is that fair?

Urie: We had three songs. We didn't have enough material to play live at the time. If you asked those bands, "Would you pay your dues if you had to?" they would say no, because bands don't want to play to 20 drunk people in a bar every night just to get their sound out there.

Indy: The song "London Beckoned" seems to predict the success you've had with your first CD, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. It has that line about being "a wet dream for the Web zines." Did you think that would come off as cocky?

Urie: Ryan [Ross, guitarist] writes the lyrics, and I can tell you, at the time, when I read those lyrics I was like "Wow, do you really want me to sing these things? It's kind of intense, man." I guess, in a sense, it was our pre-emptive strike. Before anybody could get a say, here's kind of our disclaimer."

Alan Sculley

At Denver's Magness Arena, Nov. 28.

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