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Sixty Seconds

with Shannon Larkin, drummer for Godsmack


Indy: Let's get the obligatory "Congrats on the new album [IV]" out of the way and get to the important question: Can there ever be too much pyro at a Godsmack show?

SL: Pyro, I can take it or leave it. Sometimes I even feel silly up there, like we're Kiss or somebody. We've tried not to make that a crutch, and we've already talked about not using it at all, just to prove we are a band here, and we really take pride in our playing of instruments.

Indy: So what are you saying?

SL: We decided what we're going to do is just cut down. Instead of cutting everything out altogether to make some kind of fucking statement, we'll keep the video, the killer light show and the moving stages and all of that crap. We'll just cut the pyro a little bit.

Indy: Where is this coming from?

SL: When I saw my favorite band, Oasis, in concert, I didn't leave the arena going, "I wish they had pyro." I left the arena saying, "Man, they sounded great."

Indy: Wow, Oasis? Any other earth-shaking disclosures you feel like making to your fans?

SL: They'd probably freak out if they knew I liked Madonna. That's my closet thing there.

John Benson

At Loveland's Budweiser Events Center, Nov. 11.

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