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Sixty Seconds

with Danny Lore, bassist/singer for Against All Authority


Indy: Against All Authority is very anti-establishment, as are the fans. Do you ever feel like you're preaching to the choir?

DL: Sometimes we do. I don't feel like that a lot of time, because we have a lot of kids that come up to us and tell us the reason why they think the way they do now is because they got into the band. You always have kids that are coming into the scene that need to hear these things.

Indy: Is music an effective means to create social change?

DL: In my own personal experience, I was inspired by bands like the Dead Kennedys and the Subhumans, political bands like that. On a broad scale, it's hard to say if music affects social change, but on a personal level, it does. And that's where it has to start, anyway. The music is a starting point, and some kids will run with it. They'll be more inspired to do their own research, and not just sing the songs and go along with the slogans.

Indy: John Mellencamp once said, "I fight authority / Authority always wins." Have you found this to be the case?

DL: I don't know. We're still fighting, so they haven't won yet.

Indy: Why should anyone come see you at The Black Sheep?

DL: It'll be a big party where like-minded people can escape the shitty world for a little while.

At The Black Sheep, June 20.

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