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Sixty Seconds

with Eugene Mirman, funnyman



Indy: So, normally this column is reserved for rock groups, but since you've gained this reputation for being a "rock 'n roll comedian" ...

EM: I prefer rock clubs to comedy clubs they're just a lot more fun. So many of these people don't go to comedy clubs, but will go to rock clubs.

Indy: You've opened for bands like The Shins and Modest Mouse. How are the audiences different from straight-up comedy audiences?

EM: Opening for a band is a different kind of battle. On the Cake tour, it was really pretty fun. Audiences are generally nice people get rowdier as the evening wears on, so I'd try to get stuff done early. ...

Rock clubs, in general, seem less corporate and antiseptic, which is funny because they're all run by Clear Channel. But, for whatever reason, at least Clear Channel doesn't make you buy a crappy pizza and two drinks they just give you the option.

Indy: Does touring with bands earn you any fringe benefits?

EM: Are you asking me if I have sex with strangers? (Laughs.) The truth is, sadly, rock 'n roll isn't as nearly as crazy as you would imagine. I feel like I should be answering, "Every night we killed a hooker!" It's fun, but it's not particularly crazy.

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