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Sixty Seconds

with Jason Shevchuk, vocalist/guitarist for None More Black



Indy: So, you quit Kid Dynamite to focus on film school ... what made you get back into music?

JS: I went into NMB immediately after Kid Dynamite. My roommate and me played songs in our apartment. [It was] called Side Project, cuz it was going to be a side project to the rest of our lives. But now it's snowballed into this obligation.

Indy: Your first song [on new release This is Satire] is about how worn out you guys get from touring. Are you thinking about getting out of music again?

JS: I'm always looking for a way out. This is terrible to say, but I wish I'd lose my voice permanently or break my hand. It's so fucked up to say. I enjoy writing songs, and whatever, but I just hate [touring] so much. I never wanted to be a musician; I'm not a musician. I'm just a guy who got lucky.

Indy: That's really backwards from most people.

JS: I know! But the EP we did was pretty much about how I hate being in music. It's supposed to be fun, but it's not fun when you have to deal with the business stuff, the money.

Indy: Why not just get out, then?

JS: I can't. I'm obligated to the three dudes, my friends, that I'm playing with. I'm obligated to the record, and it's something I know that if I quit, I'd miss it. It's weird. So I'm going to try to make it work.

New album in stores now.

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