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Sixty Seconds

with Kelley Stoltz



Indy: You recorded your new CD, Below the Branches (Sub Pop), at home in your bedroom ...

KS: I have an eight-track reel-to-reel tape machine, drum set, piano and stuff in what used to be my bedroom, but now I've expanded into a second room.

Indy: I heard it was a bit cramped. Was it confining, or did it help you?

KS: It probably does both. The best thing about it is having all my stuff at home, I can have breakfast, walk down the hall and do stuff. But there were plenty of times I was tripping over cables or stubbing my toe on the keyboard. But you kind of have to focus and do the best you can. I think a lot of groups start out that way, and that's generally when they do their best stuff. Then they get in big studios, with big budgets, and I don't think it sounds as good.

Indy: The album is very 1960s-sounding, recalling The Beatles and The Beach Boys. What is it about that sound that attracts you?

KS: I don't know. A lot of people were discovering what you could do in a studio, with songs, and sounds and a standard pop format. I'm attracted to taking pop music in a stranger direction, without losing the song structure. For better or for worse for me, those things have all stood the test of time, so I'm hesitant to try to make a record that sounds too current. I'd rather make records that last.

New album in stores now.

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