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Sixty Seconds

with Editors bassist, Russell Leetch



Indy: Hey, look it's another over-hyped U.K. rock act hoping not to fall into obscurity. How do you not become overwhelmed by such hurdles?

RL:We're just going to approach it exactly how we did in the U.K., which is by playing lots of gigs and playing our music live. We don't have any kind of expectations that people straightaway should come and see us, and that we should be playing big theaters. We're in it for the hard slog.

Indy: An interesting comment about your debut album, The Back Room, is that its use of synth sounds does the impossible and transcends the current neo-New Wave zeitgeist.

RL: All of that '80s revival thing, we were never about that. We're kind of purists about our music. I think the main thing is Chris Urbanowicz's guitar. He likes to use it as a percussive instrument rather than a melody kind of instrument.

Indy: The biggest question appears to be whether the hype surrounding Editors will translate into eager concert audiences.

RL: We've yet to find out because we've never [toured] the middle bits. We've done the East Coast and West Coast before, and they were sold-out shows and everybody was excited to see us. But it's going to be down to the nitty-gritty when we're playing in front of four people in the middle of nowhere.

At Denver's Bluebird Theater, April 21

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