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Sixty Seconds

with Blueprint, MC for Soul Position



Indy: Your new CD, Things Go Better With RJ and Al, dropped recently. How did you and [DJ] Rjd2 come up with the concept?

B: The first album [8 Million Stories] was really intense. This one, we took more of a stripped-down approach to songwriting. And we didn't want to give it a super-serious title.

Indy: What's your favorite song on the album so far?

B: It's like having a favorite kid you can't choose between them. It's a little too early; it'll take about six months before I can listen to it like a fan would listen to it. Otherwise, you listen to it from a technical standpoint.

Indy: In the song "The Cool Thing to Do," you dispense sex advice to your 8-year-old niece. Is that from a real experience?

B: I was on the road with DJ Red Groove. His younger sister asked him about sex, that she wanted to get on the pill, and he was freaking out about it. Like, "How do I tell her what to look out for with these boys?" I thought, "Shit, I could have the same conversation with my niece in a couple years."

Indy: So that's her voice on the track?

B: Yeah. She got all embarrassed and left the room when I played it. She couldn't stand to hear her voice.

New album on sale now.

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