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Sixty Seconds

with Patience, singer for The Grates



Indy: So, you're touring through America right now ...

Patience: Yeah, we're in New York, and we're about to go to this sweet shop called Economy Candy, and I can't wait. There's some sensational chocolates; it's a wonderland. Ah! The Harry Potter jellybeans that taste like vomit and booger? I'm really excited to bring them back to my brother.

Indy: You started as a band by jamming in the shed, while [guitarist] John's dad cooked and supplied beer. Is barbecue a necessary part of the Grates' sound?

Patience: I reckon it is. It's more we don't get any work done when we work in the shed. We play, then John's mom comes in with, "Hi! What's going on?" Then we eat and drink beers and we realize that we only have a half an hour left!

Indy: I love the simplicity of the song "Sukkafish." What the hell is a sukkafish?

Patience: There's a few meanings to it. It can be a curse word, as in "suck a fish." [To drummer:] Hey, Alana, didn't you come up with a meaning?

Alana: It's about a man who kills himself and expects his wife to raise their kids. It's about suicide and making the best of it.

Patience: I don't know about that.

hi-dive, Denver, Saturday, March 25

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