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Sixty Seconds

with David Greenhill|bassist/vocalist for The Double



Indy: What can you say about the new record, Loose in the Air?

DG: The record before [Palm Fronds] was more of a studio project, where we were doing recordings in our apartment in New York. Once it was finished, the band started playing shows and started writing material as a live band, as four people actually playing music in a room together, as opposed to a recording thing, where you're just layering and layering. So, the new record kind of reflects that. It's somewhat of a representation of our live show.

Indy: What's this I read about the band braving Hurricane Rita?

DG: We were trying to escape that part of the country while it was hitting, and it was still total chaos because of Katrina. It was one of those things where the government was trying to cover their asses for doing a terrible job the first time, so they were telling everybody to evacuate. We didn't have a place to stay, so we ended up sleeping in a van in the parking lot of a Mississippi Wal-Mart. We were on our way to Austin, where we ended up playing "Austin City Limits."

Indy: How was playing "Austin City Limits"?

DG: It was kind of a fluke. A band had cancelled and we were on our way into town. It was a cool festival. It was a lot of fun to ride around in the golf cart, from catering to the tents to the beer gardens. It was pretty luxurious when you're, you know ... The Double.

Larimer Lounge, Denver, March 28

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