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Sixty Seconds

with Mark Arm|singer for Mudhoney



Indy: So, what's Mudhoney been up to lately?

MA: The last did thing we did of note was go to South America and Mexico in November and December, while on tour with Pearl Jam.

Indy: How did South American audiences dig the show?

MA: We don't usually play in soccer stadiums, I can tell you that, for one. [South American audiences] are way more open and enthusiastic to opening bands than [audiences] in the States. I'm sure a large percentage of people had no idea who we were, but they seemed to get right into it and were jumping up and down and clapping loudly.

They could also be more music-starved. I don't think a lot of North American bands make it to Santiago, Chile.

Indy: What's your upcoming CD, Under a Billion Suns (Sub Pop, March 7), going to be like?

MA: I think if you overanalyze what you do, it kind of kills it. Sometimes you don't know where something comes from, and I think it's best not to know.

Indy: That being said, would it suffice to say that the new album will rock?

MA: It does, indeed, rock. We know for a fact that it does rock.

Kara Luger

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