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Sixty Seconds

with Dave King, singer/guitartist for Flogging Molly



Indy: Your winter tour is sponsored by Guinness. Imagine that, an Irish beer company sponsoring an Irish band, just weeks before St. Patrick's Day.

DK: As a band, we have collectively probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars or euros drinking Guinness. Shall we say, it's payback time. We had a lot of other offers from beer companies, but we didn't drink that stuff. We're not going to go around on a tour bus and be sponsored by Miller Lite. That's just not us. I've been drinking Guinness since I was a kid.

Indy: I see you're not about to break down any Irish stereotypes, but you did have me at Guinness. I'm envisioning a tour bus followed by a huge tanker truck. But why play two nights in every town?

DK: It's very important for us to play for all ages, and Guinness, unfortunately, has their rules and regulations. So we're doing one night for ages 21 and over, and another one for all ages.

Indy: But we can still drink Guinness or other spirits on the all-ages night, right?

DK: Oh, it's a celebration. We're doing this tour to celebrate that a little band like Flogging Molly could start off in the corner of a pub and now be doing a six-week tour of America, two nights in each town. We never fucking thought in a million years we'd be doing that.

Ogden Theatre, Denver, Sunday, March 5

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