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Sixty Seconds

with Bucket, singer/guitarist for The Toasters

Winter Ska Brawl Tour, Bluebird Theater, Feb. 19



Indy: Your PR guy called you "Bucket, the Toast of The Toasters." Where'd you get the nickname?

Bucket: It's a long story, but basically, it was from The Pioneers' song, "Longshot Kick de Bucket."

Indy: You owned the now-defunct Moonska World label, and now have Megalith. Why did you choose to start your own label, versus signing with a major?

B: We started out with no one wanting to put us out, so we built our own label. And after that, the more sense it made to not go with the majors. We saw our friends' bands sign with majors, and after two years, they were broken up and out of business. It's kind of like a lottery, the major labels. The people who wanted to deal with us didn't give a damn about us; it was about the money they were making.

Indy: The Toasters have been together for more than 20 years. What is it about ska that you love?

B: It's the kind of music that you either get into or you don't. People who get bit by the ska bug tend to be lifelong fans. I bought my first ska record in 1964, so I've been listening to it now for over 40 years.

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