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Sixty Seconds

with Dave Hause, frontman for The Loved Ones



Indy: The three members of The Loved Ones all have come from different bands. How does the band differ from those bands?

DH: It's more melodic and based more in traditional rock & roll. The punk roots from our previous bands inform it.

Indy: You're married and have a job away from the band. Do you think the term "working-class punk" comes merely from status, or do you also put it into the music?

DH: I mean, whatever tagline people give us is their prerogative, but we all come from working-class backgrounds, and we just try to bring the same ethic to the band as we would to any other endeavor. I think our music is more of a soundtrack to the party it keeps you moving.

Indy: Like in your video for "100K," the band acts as an alarm clock for a guy.

DH: Yeah. The idea behind it is, we're there to wake you, I guess.

Indy: Are you looking forward to your tour with NOFX?

DH: Definitely. It should be fun. Lots of partying. We played all of the same venues in the summer, and they took care of us pretty well.

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