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Sixty Seconds

with Blake Sennett, singer/guitarist for The Elected and Rilo Kiley


Indy: It seems like you were trying to tap another era in The Elected's latest CD, Sun Sun Sun. What were you going for?

BS: A slightly more traditional sound, slightly less modern, you know? I think we toy with that in Rilo Kiley, but I wanted to get into that more deeply, that early-to-mid-'70s stuff. "Not Going Home" sounds modern to me, though.

Indy: Sub Pop's press gal, Joan, called you "a peach." Your response, sir?

BS: Peaches are soft! And juicy! Hopefully ... I mean, there are mealy peaches. She's a real positive gal, you know. She's a pear. No, that's not right. She's a beauty she can be a plum.

Indy: You started off young, starring on Nickelodeon's "Salute Your Shorts." Are you sick to death of all the questions about that?

BS: They don't come around very often. I'm way more sick of questions like, "Who are your influences?" or "Where'd you get your name?" Those are a drag.

Indy: My co-worker is singing the theme song right now.

BS: Beautiful!

-- Kara Luger

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