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Sixty Seconds

with Archer Prewitt vocalist/guitarist


Indy: You've been involved in a few musical projects, including The Coctails, The Sea and Cake, and you've also had success as an illustrator. Like multitasking any?

AP: It's sort of the way I've always operated. I get excited about a lot of different things. Sometimes I don't follow through with every idea, but usually I get the ones that float to the top. I like to collaborate with music, but with art, it's pretty solitary.

Indy: Of the music business and the illustration business, which do you find more challenging?

AP: I've never really shopped around or solicited illustration work. I started doing illustrations for the Kansas City Star when I was going to school in Kansas City, and then it did start to feel like it was more of a business. With music, maybe touring feels more like business.

Indy: Could Archer Prewitt play at an Archer Prewitt art exhibition?

AP: I was asked to play at a show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where musicians made all the art. That is the only situation where I think it made sense.

Indy: You drew the cover of your new album, Wilderness. What connections do you make between your music and your art?

AP: I've drawn the covers of all my albums, but I think with this cover, it was more tied into the album. It's more of a literal illustration than the others.

-- Eric Phillips

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