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Sixty Seconds

with Tony Sly, singer/guitarist for No Use for a Name


Indy: Is No Use for a Name on tour now?

TS: We're in the middle of touring, actually. We start touring again in January. Home for me is in Sacramento, but we're spread out all over [California].

Indy: On your Web site, you were giving away a shirt from your last tour that featured "a weird stain." Care to elaborate?

TS: Actually, I found this signed shirt in my garage. It must've been from something we did earlier. I noticed that it was stained, which I could either try to pass off, which would be weirder, or just promote it.

Indy: You've been doing this -- playing in NUFAN -- since 1987. What is it about punk music that keeps you going?

TS: I always liked the way it sounds, the downpicking and the drumming. In our genre, there's only three or four types of songs. We try to expand on that, keep trying to make something different on every record. It's hard, though -- people get mad, like, stick to it! It's hard to expand and not get shit for it. But you have to.

Indy: Do you ever get a moment where you feel like you just want to form a different group -- something like Boyz II Men, or hip-hop, or ?

TS: I'd love to do an indie side project, some songwriter sort of stuff, but I get so busy with this band, it's crazy. Maybe when this tour winds down, I'll take some time to try something different.

-- Kara Luger

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