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Sixty Seconds

with Zach Rogue, singer and guitarist for Rogue Wave


Indy: Is there an underlying theme to Rogue Wave's new album, Descended Like Vultures?

ZR: I don't know. Listen to it, tell me what you think.

Indy: The first Rogue Wave album, Out of the Shadow, essentially was a Zach showcase, with you writing and recording all of it yourself. How've you adjusted to having a band?

ZR: We've been playing live together for two and a half years now. Going to studio with them, it's definitely a new thing. Changing is good, and we can only benefit from the change.

Indy: How has that influenced this second record?

ZR: It gives us more options. More people with different tastes and capabilities, and directions. They think of things that I couldn't have come up with on my own.

Indy: Since you explore a lot of styles, it's easy to compare your sound to a lot of different bands. What is the most ridiculous comparison you've ever had?

ZR: People hear things in different ways. I've seen some reviewers compare us to Brian Wilson sometimes, but I think that's maybe just a catchphrase for "melody." I'm not saying I'm as talented as Brian Wilson, but it's just a vague reference.

-- Kara Luger

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