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Sixty Seconds

with Wisam Alshaibi, The Blackout Pact drummer



Indy: What is a Blackout Pact? It sounds like a party thing to me.

WA: It's an ode to being best friends together and playing music. Our guitar player Joe was like, "Hey, we get drunk a lot. Let's call the band The Blackout Pact."

Indy: How hard, on a scale of one to Andrew W.K., would you say you party?

WA: Andrew W.K. is actually straight-edge. Not a lot of people know that. We party all the way to John Bonham being dead.

Indy: You guys have a lot of Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bikes influences. Are you trying to make me feel nostalgic? WA: They're the last real bands that care about music. We all grew up listening to that, so it's a huge influence. They were kicking ass, having awesome live shows, and the last ones to really care about music and what they were doing. They're not just kids whining about their girlfriends.

Indy: Why Colorado Springs for a record release?

WA: It's just a logistical thing. We just happened to be coming through Colorado on tour and had no idea that the record would be coming out that day [Tuesday, Sept. 27]. It's cool.

-- Aaron Retka

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