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Sixty Seconds

with Chris Martin, Kinski guitarist



Indy: Your latest album, Alpine Static, certainly is guitar heavy, but why aren't there any vocals? Is this something new you wanted to try?

CM: The first record, half of it was vocals but, yeah, the new one doesn't have any. We've been doing a bunch of covers with vocals. It's whether the song calls for it or not, and on this one, it didn't seem to make any sense.

Indy: Electroclash and neo-retro bands are taking over. Will you be hopping on the synthesizer bandwagon anytime soon?

CM: [laughs] Probably not.

Indy: If Kinski ever were to wig out and play an off-the-wall cover, what would you like to do?

CM: We really like doing bubblegum songs from the '60s. Right now we've been doing this song by this one-off band called Crazy Elephant, which is called "Gimme Good Lovin'." It's really fun to do this sorta arty music and then do a bunch of Ramones covers.

Indy: Who is the typical Kinski fan?

CM: It seems like it's a lot of music collector types. The people who are into us are really into us, it seems like. It's pretty broad, actually. Young hipsters and then 40-year-old collector-type people. We're always surprised.

-- Kara Luger

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