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Sixty Seconds

with Collin Herring


Indy: You played three shows yesterday. How many times have you done that before?

CH: A couple of times. We've done the morning shows on a couple of different TV stations and also had shows at night.

Indy: What are you trying to prove?

CH: We're trying to save gas money.

Indy: The Fort Worth Weekly wrote, "Watching Collin Herring perform live, it's hard to take your eyes away from the stage." Are you really that hot?

CH: You know, I would have to agree with that statement. I'm newly single, so this is a whole new world for me. I've had a girlfriend for three years and we recently broke up last week. Here I am in a new world of debauchery that I've never experienced before.

Indy: You Texans are always waxing Texan largesse. Does size really matter?

CH: We like to compensate through lots of distortion and feedback. You know, it's kind of like guys who have big trucks have something to prove. We don't really have anything to worry about. We just like to sound large.

-- Vanessa Martinez

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