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Sixty Seconds

with Erin McKeown Multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter


Indy: Why did you pick New Orleans to record your new CD, We Will Become Like Birds?

EM: New Orleans has an interesting duality of happiness and sadness to it. And when you record music below sea level, it affects the sound; it has to do with the way the air moves.

Indy: It's very personal. Did you set out to make a more confessional disc?

EM: When you release a new CD, you end up spending the next two years talking about it. So, it's par for the course that you move from one thing to another and back again. Distillationwas very personal. Then Grand was mainly about Judy Garland. So I was ready to write about my life again.

Indy: It sounds like you're really trying to push the boundaries of your voice. Did you notice that when you were recording it?

EM: Restraint is a really important artist's tool, because when you suddenly stop using it, it's extremely powerful. The disc has a much wider, deeper and generally more spacious sound than I'd originally imagined it. The ceilings were 40 feet high in the recording room -- I think that's what you're hearing in my vocals.

-- Christopher John Treacy

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