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Sixty Seconds

with Stanton Moore of New Orleans quartet Garage a Trois


Indy: Why a soundtrack?

SM: We all dug the premise of the film [Outre Mer]. It gave us a unifying theme for the sort of disc we'd been thinking of making anyway. We really felt we could sonically paint a series of musical moods that fit the storyline.

Indy: Is it all improv?

SM: Actually, this time we locked ourselves in the studio for six days to write and brainstorm musical ideas. We were determined to develop yet more new hybrids of world music.

Indy: Do studio records really capture the band's essence?

SM: We think of studio work and live performance as two completely separate things. The studio is a great tool to help show the band in a different light.

Indy: Do you four get along?

SM: Absolutely. Our personalities play off of each other very well.

-- Christopher John Treacy

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