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Silver Pond pricey but Pearl Coconut Prawns a delightful dish


  • Matthew Schniper
I order this dish simply because it sounds pretty, and grabs my attention: Pearl Coconut Prawns, with cashews, almonds and walnuts. It’s on Silver Pond’s gluten-free menu, and like several items at the finer Chinese eatery, it’s something you won’t see anywhere else in town, amidst the redundancy of staple American-Chinese plates. From what I’m able to glean from the staff, the generously portioned shrimp see a breading of corn and both regular and sweet potato flours, which gives them a semi-crisp, fluffy jacket. The dish’s thick, starchy sauce reads more like a thin vanilla pudding with a faint hint of Chinese hot mustard, notably sweet — you can smell the sweetness in the aroma alone, dominated by the perfume of dried coconut flakes. The redundancy of different nut elements atop the coconut works splendidly, creating extra richness and complementary flavors to the prawns and bell peppers. Brown rice pairs particularly well with a dish like this; the only off element I can find is the vile fake maraschino cherry (misplaced from a child’s Shirley Temple somewhere) used with an orange segment as colorful garnish (it’s easily ignored though). With a pot of jasmine tea, my total bill’s over $20 pre-tip (the prawns alone are $16.95), making Silver Pond not a typical cheap Chinese option, but worth the upcharge for the quality.
Location Details Silver Pond Chinese Gourmet
6523 N. Academy Blvd.
Academy (North)
Colorado Springs, CO

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