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Silver linings



The economy's causing sleepless nights everywhere, while the presidential race pits neighbor against neighbor. Seems a good time to count our blessings and remember what's best about living in Colorado Springs.


Ann Whitlock
Boulder Park

Nurse practitioner

What's the best time you've had in Colorado Springs? Playing with my yellow lab, Ruthie, in the dog park at Bear Creek.

If you had one last meal to eat in Colorado Springs, where would it be? I'd have the chicken house salad and a big glass of iced tea at Rico's, in downtown Colorado Springs.

Name something you haven't done locally, but eventually will. Re-ride the cog railroad. I rode it many years ago as a child, but I don't remember it.

What's gone in Colorado Springs that you wish would return? Chinook Bookstore. It had tremendous variety and a well-trained staff that actually read the books and weren't afraid to share their knowledge.


Scott Defebaugh
La Posada del Sol


Relate the best time you've had in Colorado Springs. When I got married at Sacred Heart, 15 years ago this coming Thursday.

If tonight were your last in town, where would you go to dinner? I'd go to Marigold and order the haddock if they have it, salmon otherwise. If you go there, ask for Elaine she'll seat you properly.

What's the best reason to live in Colorado Springs? Having lived in Milwaukee for 30 years, I can tell you the weather here is fantastic. I don't care for some of the politics here, but the people are friendly. I feel safe.


John David


What's the best time you've had in Colorado Springs? Getting married, 26 years ago at Colorado Springs Christian Center.

If today were your last, where in Colorado Springs would you dine out? Red Lobster. I'd order the biggest whole lobster you can get, and a couple dozen oysters on the half shell on the side.

What have you never done locally that you'd still like to do? Ride my horse up Pikes Peak.

What's the best season in Colorado Springs? Being a mason, I work outside. Summer is my best season money-wise, but fall is the most beautiful, especially when the aspen are at their best.

What's gone from Colorado Springs that you wish would come back? Drive-in movie theaters. There used to be four or five.

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